Mobile Websites

Recent research shows that more and more users are using smartphones and tablets to access the web – in fact in 2013 it is predicted that more of your potential online customers will browse the web on their smartphone than on a PC – meaning an increased need for mobile website design for business.

Whereas before, users had larger screens the challenge increasingly is to make sure your web presence looks well on mobile devices.

When designing your website presence for smartphones and mobile devices, here at Tailwind we keep a few key criteria in mind:

  • The site needs to be simple, and clear.  It needs to clearly state what is on offer for the customer, and to clearly motivate the customer to carry out the next step (e.g. contacting your business for more information).
  • Graphics and large images need to be at a minimum; excessive use of unessential graphics and video will be really slow over mobile networks, frustrating potential customers.
  • The website design needs to “flow” to fit the limited width of mobile devices

Take a look at our website design packages to see how we can help you connect with this fast growing market.